Strategic project development and front-end advisory.

We navigate the underlying drivers for infrastructure investment, and the strategic needs and deliverables of our clients.

Our advisors provide project development and front-end advisory services through:

  • our experience of working with Government, community and private sector organisations;
  • our qualifications in engineering, finance, law, planning, quantity surveying, and project management; and
  • our knowledge of the full project lifecycle to match client intentions with outcomes.

We support our clients in the establishment of policies, strategies, projects and programs by:

  • defining project need and scope;
  • establishing and implementing governance;
  • navigating the investment decision process; and
  • building a business case.

Our key services are:

  • Strategy and policy
  • Project definition and planning
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Governance establishment
  • Capital investment strategies, funding and financing options
  • Business case writing, team leadership and management
  • Option development and assessment
  • Risk allocation and commercial principles

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