Our Story

Our History

ConnellGriffin was established in 2013, with the primary intention of creating an independent employee owned consulting business of highly skilled professional staff, providing high quality services in a cost-efficient manner. Since 2013, we have rapidly broadened our offering, both in terms of the range of services we provide and the sectors we work within.

ConnellGriffin now offers a diverse team of Advisors, all of whom are qualified professionals who have delivered complex infrastructure projects as engineers, advisors, contractors, lawyers and commercial managers. This combination of technical knowledge and commercial expertise enables our Advisors to provide best practice advisory services and reliable commercial advice, which is founded on practical experience gained through our work directly delivering projects.

Our Culture

ConnellGriffin was founded as, and takes pride in being, an independent, employee-owned company empowering its employees to achieve personal and professional goals and growth. Our values include:

We are Connected

Relationships are important to us. We enjoy connecting with each other and fostering strong, lasting relationships with our clients and industry partners.

  • We genuinely care about each other, our clients, and partners.
  • We ask and listen to better understand each other and the situations we are facing together.
  • We show up for each other, whether it is a quiet chat or collaborating on a tight deadline – we'll be there.
  • We invest time in developing and strengthening our professional network.

We Build Trust

We operate with integrity to build trust with our colleagues, clients, and partners.

  • We act with credibility – our advice is backed by our knowledge, expertise, and experience.
  • We are reliable.
  • We respect information given to us in confidence.
  • We provide honest advice. 

We Strive for Excellence

We aim high – with our people, professionalism, and performance.

  • We are intellectually curious, encourage debate and discussion to reach the best outcome.
  • We value diversity of thought and encourage divergent opinions before reaching consensus.
  • Our client service is valued as much as our craft – we reach the right destination after a constructive journey.

We are Bold

We show fortitude in challenging circumstances to achieve the best outcome for clients.

  • We provide frank and fearless advice.
  • We advocate for our colleagues and clients.
  • We challenge ourselves and our clients to ‘think bigger’.
  • We make the right decision, not the easy decision.
  • ‘No’ is not always the end of the story.
Our Culture
The Future

The Future

ConnellGriffin has established itself as a leading consultancy firm providing professional advisory services for major infrastructure projects, to both the public and private clients. Our founding philosophy of providing highly skilled professional staff, operating in a cost-efficient environment is, and always will be, a fundamental core value for our business. 

We will maintain the diversification of our service offering to our clients by the continued recruitment of high calibre advisory professionals across all our offices. As a result of the demand for our services across Australia, we look also forward to the establishment of new offices.

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