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Helen Kerr joins ConnellGriffin

02nd October, 2019

ConnellGriffin is delighted to welcome Helen Kerr to our Sydney office as an Advisor.

Helen is a Chartered Civil Engineer who has worked in the UK and New Zealand and has recently completed her Masters in Commercial Law at the University of Melbourne. Helen has 15 years’ experience in procurement, design management and project delivery with a focus on large motorway and government infrastructure projects. She has experience with a wide range of procurement delivery models as both a client and contractor, which provides her an understanding of how to effectively translate client objectives into commercial and contractual outcomes. Recent projects she worked on for the New Zealand Government include a competitive ECI and a hybrid Alliance, both of which had unique risk allocation profiles created to provide a balance of commercial tension and collaborative behaviour.

Helen particularly enjoys helping clients with complex projects requiring innovative processes, fast-tracked programmes or extensive stakeholder engagement.     

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