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Melbourne CEDA Luncheon - Energy and Climate Policy

27th February, 2019

The ConnellGriffin team in Melbourne had the pleasure of attending the CEDA luncheon with The Hon. Mark Butler MP, Shadow Federal Minister for Climate Change and Energy.

The Hon. Mark Butler MP provided a brief on key energy policy scenarios that could impact the sector in 2019 with an interesting commentary on the shadow policies that focus on increasing Australia’s targeted emissions from 26-28% of 2005 levels by 2030 to 45% with a call for more bipartisan support to bolster market certainty. The Minister expressed a view that, Australia should be doing more towards real reform and its commitments on emissions reduction within the sector and talked openly about future fuels such as hydrogen technologies.

ConnellGriffin and the clients we advise are certainly aware of the impact government commitment levels have on projects and on market certainty that underpins those projects, especially as new fuels and the technologies that produce them mature and prove their worth as a new market entrant. Whilst not specifically discussed at the luncheon, it was promised that more about the electricity network side of the conversation would be raised, possibly at a future CEDA event.  This would certainly provide a deeper understanding of the variety of issues an accelerating change towards a decentralised energy production regime has on energy network security and the market rules aimed at achieving a highly productive network; one that utilises technology resources both behind and in front of the meter.                                                                                                             

ConnellGriffin would like to thank CEDA for hosting this event and we look forward to attending future topics that address how we are shaping the way our country continues to grow and prosper.

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