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Director Promotions 2023

21st December, 2023

ConnellGriffin is delighted to announce the promotion of Sarah Goh and Dan Tyson to the position of Director.

Sarah joined ConnellGriffin in 2021 and has over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry, holding a range of Deliver and Resolve positions (including forensic analysis, dispute resolution and delay analysis). Sarah has worked in a number of countries including USA, Vietnam and Singapore as well as Australia and has cultivated strong relationships in infrastructure having developed a reputation as a seasoned professional with broad industry experience and a deep commercial knowledge.   

Dan joined ConnellGriffin in January 2022 and as well as delivering projects for NELP, Coffs Harbour Bypass and Great Western Highway, he is our Service Line Lead for Deliver. Before joining ConnellGriffin, Dan previously held senior commercial roles with Tier 1 construction and advisory firms in Australia and the UK working in the in rail and airport sectors.

Please join us in congratulating Sarah and Dan!

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