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A ConnellGriffin Guide to Dispute Resolution

12th November, 2021

In our experience, the majority of infrastructure projects are delivered in the manner intended – broadly to budget, broadly to program and resulting in an asset that broadly meets specification.  A minority of projects become distressed – occasionally because the parties have not anticipated risks or invested in a detailed contract, but more often because the project encounters risks of a nature or magnitude that could not reasonably have been anticipated. In these circumstances, a dispute often arises and parties need to understand the resolution options available. 

To help people working in the construction, engineering and infrastructure sectors navigate this issue, we’ve prepared a guide about conventional dispute resolution. This guide takes you through the elements of each process, including mandated negotiations, mediation, expert determination, arbitration and litigation, shares our experience of each process and recommends when a particular process may be suitable.

Check out the guide here: 

Contact Rob Nelson-Williams, Miff Storey, or Jonathan Harrison if you have any questions about the guide, or if you need assistance with managing or resolving a dispute.

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