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Annie Wu and Zoey Wang join CG

13th December, 2023

Meet our undergraduate consultants Annie Wu and Zoey Wang, who have joined ConnellGriffin through our Undergraduate Program.

Annie Wu is a final year Law and Commerce (Accounting) student at the University of New South Wales. Throughout her studies, Annie has actively engaged in diverse roles within the legal and financial sectors, while also demonstrating a commitment to volunteer work within the university community. Annie has developed strong research, communication and critical thinking skills throughout her experiences as a paralegal in class actions, disputes and litigation. Her industry experience in regulatory compliance and asset management have allowed her to develop strong technical and problem-solving skills. These experiences have allowed her to build a versatile professional skillset and business acumen, and she aims to further enhance these skills in the advisory field.

Zoey Wang is a dedicated Juris Doctor student at the University of Melbourne, having successfully completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree at Monash University. With a passion for law, Zoey has amassed valuable experience through diverse roles in both the public and private sectors and is committed to ongoing volunteer work at community legal centres. Zoey’s professional journey includes experiences in legal support, financial audit, and client relations. Zoey is keen to broaden her skills and explore the intersection between commerce and law at Connell Griffin. Zoey is excited to join the team in Melbourne and she is poised to make meaningful contributions together with her colleagues.

We are excited to have two young and bright students in Sydney and Melbourne working on vital projects. 

For more information about ConnellGriffin’s Undergraduate Program, please visit:

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