Sydney Motorway Corporation
2014 - 2016
$2.6 billion

Services Delivered:

  • D&C Contract Transaction Management 
  • Risk Management
  • Project Delivery Support

Key Outcomes

Our Advisors were requested by WestConnex Delivery Authority (now SMC) to design, deliver and lead the procurement phase for the M4 East to ensure extremely tight deadlines could be met.

  • Our Advisors led the integrated team throughout the procurement process to contract execution, including the tender period, evaluation and negotiation phases. Our Advisors worked closely with SMC and Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) on this iconic project and helped to resolve technical and commercial issues throughout the procurement phase. As a result of our Advisors’ outstanding performance, the project saved approximately 12-15 months on program.
  • Our Advisors were credited with being one of the key drivers to SMC meeting its tight deadlines and budget. Outcomes from services provided by ConnellGriffin include:
  • effective and responsive leadership throughout the transaction of the D&C Contractor
  • coordination of the large project team, including technical, construction, communications, environmental and commercial teams
  • rapid resolution of various complex technical and commercial issues
  • interface with RMS on behalf of SMC, and
  • overall accountability for the transaction.Ultimately for the M4 East, a 15-month time saving was achieved for D&C contract award when compared with conventional procurement.

Ultimately for the M4 East, a 15-month time saving was achieved for D&C Contract award when compared with conventional procurement methods.

The Project

WestConnex is one of Australia’s largest road projects, linking Sydney’s west and south-west with the city, airport and port in a 33 km continuous motorway.

Opening to traffic in 2019, the $2.6 billion WestConnex Stage 1B, or the M4 East, extended the original M4 Motorway from Homebush to Haberfield, reducing congestion at the end of the M4, saving travel time for motorists and removing cars and freight traffic from local streets. It also bypasses Parramatta Road and connects to City West Link.

The project is predicted to accommodate an estimated 67,700 vehicles each day through 5.5 kms of tunnels with three lanes in each direction by 2021. The M4 East extension is in addition to the works currently underway to widen the existing M4 Motorway to four lanes in each direction from Church Street, Parramatta to Homebush Bay Drive, Homebush.

Our Services

Our Advisors led the project teams during the procurement of the D&C contractor for this significant and iconic project and the services they delivered included:

  • a procurement strategy leading into marketing sounding
  • Expression of Interest and Request for Tender documentation, development and evaluation
  • overall transaction management / leadership and commercial negotiation support, and
  • establishment of the project risk process and development of commercial principles.

Our Advisors coordinated inputs from the project team, including technical advisors (e.g. SWTC) and legal advisors (e.g. deeds). For the M4 East, our Advisors used a customised version of the ‘Accelerated Procurement’ delivery strategy that our Advisors originally deployed on NorthConnex.

In addition, our Advisors also supported the risk process throughout the procurement phase in conjunction with Sydney Motorway Corporation (SMC).

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