Transport for NSW (TfNSW)
$2.1 billion

Services Delivered:

  • Commercial Management

Key Outcomes

Our Advisors played an integral role in the delivery of the South West Rail Link and some outcomes from their contributions include:

  • efficiently coordinating and managing the start-up phase and site establishment activities
  • managing and coordinating the delivery team
  • assuring the IC’s contract compliance
  • effectively managing the temporary works process between TfNSW and the D&C contractor
  • rapidly resolving the various complex technical and commercial issues
  • providing interface management between the various stakeholders
  • identifying risks across the various components of the project, and swiftly addressing them so construction could progress unimpeded, and
  • ensuring compliance with the deed requirements and providing effective and responsive commercial advice.

The Project

The $2.1b South West Rail Link program is a NSW Government initiative to respond to issues of reliability and passenger growth on the existing metropolitan rail network and cater for longer term population growth in south-west Sydney.

The program works were delivered in both the brownfield and greenfield environments and included the following scope:

  • the remodelling of the existing and operationally critical Glenfield railway junction, based around a high-speed, grade separated junction requiring the construction of a significant flyover structure
  • a new 11 km rail line from Glenfield to Leppington, including significant earthworks (1.3M m3), a tunnel beneath the strategic Hume Highway, 12 major highway bridges, two new railway stations and a 20 train stabling yard
  • a new 12 train stabling yard in the existing operational junction at Auburn
  • refurbishment and enhancement of the existing station at Glenfield during operational use, including all station systems (e.g. fire and life safety, communications, power and CCTV)
  • two new car parks (115 spaces at grade and a 750 space multistorey car park), and
  • an entire rebuild of the rail systems infrastructure across the rail junction (electrification, track, power, telecoms) including all signalling systems and electrical substations (132kV bulk power to the network and local power within the existing system).

Our Services

Our Advisors provided commercial management services on the following contracts:

  • Glenfield to Leppington Rail Line (GLRL) Design & Construct
  • Glenfield Junction Alliance
  • Novo Rail Alliance, and
  • Glenfield Multi-Storey Carpark.

Our Advisors services covered pre-contract and post- contract commercial management activities, including:

  • developing commercial principles to guide contract formation
  • providing commercial management of the evaluation of tenders
  • overall commercial leadership and guidance throughout the project lifecycle
  • Development of contract administration guidance manuals to identify TfNSW’s obligations, and administering the Contracts including;
  • managing commercial correspondence between delivery partners and TfNSW
  • preparing payment statements
  • providing monthly cost and progress reporting and forecasting;
  • assessing claims, including extensions of time claims
  • managing insurance matters, and
  • managing change.

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