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Services Delivered:

  • Financial and Project Controls

Key Outcomes

Our Advisors worked with each client to determine the scope of the Power BI reports. As Power BI can present almost limitless combinations of the information provided, it is critical to understand the client’s needs to define what information needs to be included to accurately capture project or business health and to avoid information overload.

Our Advisors provided feedback on any data integrity issues and assisted each client to correct inconsistencies and legacy issues. They delivered the required number of fully interactive dashboards and provided high level health reports that can then be drilled down to project/financial specifics.

Before ConnellGriffin’s involvement, there was no summary of project health across the whole of the clients’ programs and no reports that summarised the PMOs’ forecasting. Our work gave the client total visibility on the quantities and value across all its projects and also identified those projects that had high risks or were in financial distress. The clients’ PMO and management will continue to have access to this holistic analysis of their capital and program works going forward, making it easier for our clients use project data to manage and understand the implications for, and impacts, on the projects and the company.

The Project

In 2019, ConnellGriffin performed a whole of business reporting review and identified that its internal financial analysis could be automated, which would help to promptly identify financial risks to the business and also allow for realtime financial analysis.

Our Advisor was responsible for correcting and coding ConnellGriffin’s data and delivered intuitive and interrogatable dashboards to the business using Power BI, a program that unifies data from multiple sources to create dashboards and reports that provide insights and drive business results.

After seeing the actionable insights that Power BI delivered and the impact those actions had on our business, ConnellGriffin’s Advisors began working with a number of clients to deliver a series of projects to improve clients’ data, coding it for analysis and using Power BI to provide intelligent, interactive dashboards and reports.

Our Services

Our clients were already generating project and commercial data across the whole of their business. However, as is common, this data was only accessed periodically when required to create snapshots of project or PMO health. Each client wanted to use this data within an interactive, searchable and up-to-date dashboard that was tailored to each of its PMO and management.

Detailed data analysis and making improvements for integrity is critical to ensure the best outcome within Power BI. While this process can be time consuming, it provides an opportunity to address any historic issues and it also flags areas that need further attention.

As each our clients had only used their data for project or billing purposes, not to provide up-to-date analysis, the data required a number of improvements before our Advisors could code it to make the data machine- readable and accessible within Power BI.

Our Advisors worked with our Clients to deliver a set of fully interactive dashboards and provided high level health reports to summarise project and financial specifics.

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